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Be Ahead of the Curve!

ABRAMS CARSHARING ADVISORS (“ACA”) a unit of Abrams Consulting Group ("ACG"), the leading consulting and research firm serving the global auto rental and allied industries since 1982. ACA provides CarSharing and fleet management  advisory services to businesses, institutions, and government agencies.
“Since 1982, ACG has remained in the forefront of the evolution of the auto rental and transportation industries. We have worked with our clients to look beyond the horizon, to stay ahead of the curve, to challenge existing business models, and adjust to changes in consumer behavior and market dynamics. CarSharing's time has come as it taps into long-term cultural, environmental, economic, and life style shifts, and is poised to become a multi-billion dollar global industry. ACA has been formed to assist existing and new businesses, corporate fleet operators, and others who have short-term transportation needs, to exploit the enormous value proposition offered by CarSharing.” 
Neil Abrams President and Founder of Abrams Consulting Group

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